How does it really feel?

Good old Twitter. Within a few minutes, it threw up two articles which really gave me pause for thought.

The first discusses the issue of free speech and how it doesn’t give the untrammeled right to say anything which causes offence. Written in the wake of the Charlie Hebdou shooting, it really made me stop and think about what our responsibilities around free speech are, especially when we hear about how much we have to hold onto this right.

The second article was written in response to a recent social experiment (for want of a better phrase) by two straight men who work in UK local radio. They walked through the streets of Luton holding hands (by all accounts for only 10 minutes or so) to see what reactions they got. I wasn’t really surprised that they encountered (relatively mild) homophobia.

The writer pointed out how every day for LGBT people involves calculated assessments about whether we can safely hold hands, kiss a partner or friend and so on. And how we never get to “clock off” in the way these two guys did.

In a time when we think how enlightened civilisation is, both these articles really point out how far we have to. I definitely recommend reading both articles!


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