Hey, James Blunt…

It looks like James Blunt got rather annoyed with a shadow minister for suggesting that there were too many people from privileged backgrounds in the arts world.

So, he did what any sensible person does and wrote a letter to the MP to put him right on some points.

10/10 for initiative (after all, politicians do need to be more aware of how the world works for non-politicians).

10/10 as well for making his points pretty clearly (whatever you may think of his points).


Minus several million points for some of his choice of language.

It’s creative, I’ll grant you. I think I’ve rarely seen the word ‘wazzock’ in a formal letter before.

But I struggle to imagine that anyone, let alone someone who probably considers themselves to be in a position of power, is going to take too kindly to being called a ‘classist gimp’. I doubt very much that Chris Bryant is going to feel inspired to change his mind when a letter, albeit impassioned, attacks him (and becomes very publicly available).

Which leaves me wondering what the letter has achieved.


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