Recycling ideas (American comedies)

I’m a fan of many American comedies (I’ll probably be shot for saying I often find them better than British ones).

One I enjoyed over the last few years was Happy Families. At heart, it was effectively an attempt at capturing the spirit of Friends (one later episode specifically had each of the six main characters saying which of the characters of its forerunner they were), but over its three seasons it grew into something that was quite fun to watch.

Unlike Friends, which started with Rachel escaping from a wedding and joining the group, the group was already established and it started with one of them (Alex) running away from her wedding to another of the group (Dave). The first season covered (in part) how they managed to both stay within the same friendship group, which also included a happily-married couple, a gay man and ditzy Penny (played by Casey Wilson).

After three seasons, the series was cancelled in 2013. In 2014, rising phoenix-like from the ashes was a new comedy series by the same creator (David Caspe), set in the same city and also starring Casey Wilson: Marry Me.

Which starts this time, not with a failed wedding, but a botched series of marriage proposals between a couple who’ve been in a relationship for six years. This time, Casey Wilson plays the high-strung Annie (who doesn’t seem that different to her previous character…).

It’s got potential, I’ll grant you. But it really does feel like old ideas being recycled and slightly mixed up…


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