RIP Terry Pratchett

I’ve just seen the news that we’ve lost a great author and a fine mind. That of Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series (plus several other books to boot).

I never had the good fortune to meet Terry, but in some ways I feel I know him through his work. I first encountered the Discworld books in my university years, picking up the first few at a second-hand book stall in Manchester city centre. They immediately captured me with their humour, satire and imagination.

I’ve been a devoted reader of his books ever since, enjoying the development of the Discworld and its characters over time, as they cleverly echoed or satirised events and people in the real world. I’ve enjoyed them so much (particularly the guards and witches sequences) that they are often my ‘go to’ books, many of them having been read goodness knows how many times.

For me, the knowledge that there will be no more Discworld books (beyond one final one to be posthumously sent to press this autumn) is a sad one indeed, coupled with the fact that the loss of a mind such as Pratchett’s leaves the world a little less mad, funny and creative a place.

Rest in Peace, Pterry. Your world and imagination will live on and you will not be forgotten.

Terry Pratchett


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