A Glasgow weekend – part 3

Before this trip, I had absolutely no idea that Glasgow had its own underground system. Not only that, but its the third oldest in the world (beaten only by the London Underground and the Budapest Metro). So, it doesn’t take much guessing that, as a bit of a transport geek, I was going to have to ride on it.

The system consists of an Inner Circle and an Outer circle, which is basically the two different directions on the line which forms a circle, crossing beneath the Clyde twice to serve both the north and south sides of the river. The trains are very reminiscent of older London Underground trains, although narrower at less than 11 foot across.

We rode the Subway (as it’s locally known) to the charming area of Hillhead. To my surprise, given the area is only about 2 miles from the city centre, there’s a full-on high street and a feel of its own town centre. Like in the city, there’s some lovely architecture too.


After a little explore though, we headed for our main objective – Glasgow Botanic Gardens. It was a reasonably mild day, so we enjoyed a wander and a sit before heading into the glass houses to explore their wonderful selection of plants and flowers from warmer climes. The main glass houses are impressive enough, but the Kibble House is a very dramatic structure. It’s a beautiful 19th centre wrought iron glass house with a lovely glass dome. Originally used for concerts and exhibitions, it is now home to yet more exotic plants, flowers and tree ferns, which made our visit to this part of Glasgow very worthwhile.


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2 thoughts on “A Glasgow weekend – part 3

  1. Just one day? You won’t have a lot of time….
    If we’d had more time, I’d probably have got to the Burrell Collection as well.


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