Australia trip – one year ago today: Sunday 9th November

Rob and I visited Australia in November 2014, here’s what we wrote on our Tumblr a year ago today

Brisbane to Alice Springs

We had to be at the airport fairly early this morning for our flight to Alice Springs – a mere 3 hour flight.
We landed in the Northern Territory which is a peculiar 9.5 hours ahead of GMT – oh, and very hot. Mid 30s with a very dry heat, lots of sun and (as a slight relief) a fair wind.
We’ve hired a car for the next few days (some serious driving coming up!), which took us into our room at the ‘resort’.
We had lunch in town and an explore of the town, which is… not terribly inspiring, but good to say we’ve been to. Quite interesting getting to cross a bone-dry river bed.
Chilled back at base after that and had dinner there too.


The Saloon. Probably the most ‘outback town’ thing we’ve seen in Alice Springs…

Completely dry river bed

Rob said: Alice Springs, I thought it would be really desolate, a desert, but its not too bad


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