Australia trip – one year ago today: Thursday 13th November

In November 2014, Rob and I explored parts of Australia. Here’s what we were doing a year ago today.

Part 1: Kings Canyon to Alice Springs

Early today again this morning – up at 5. We wanted to get going as early as possible to do part of the rim walk (up to the edge of the canyon) before it got too warn (today’s forecast is for 42 degrees).
It was a fairly steep climb with some fantastic views.
We then had a 470km drive to get back to Alice Springs. We’re currently at the airport, waiting to be able to check in for our flight to Cairns.

Views at Kings Canyon

Alice Springs airport

This afternoon’s departures:
1715 to Darwin
1725 to Cairns

Busy place 😉

Saw this in an airport shop.

Part 2: Alice Springs to Cairns to Port Douglas

We had a two and a bit hour flight to Cairns (plus losing half an hour due to the timezone change).
A very chatty driver brought us up to Port Douglas, which took nearly an hour and a half. We’ve checked into our studio apartment (got here about 10), which is our base for the next week. It’ll be nice to not be on the move quite as much as we have been the last few days.

Our apartment…



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