Australia trip – one year ago today: Saturday 15th November

During our month-long trip to Australia in November 2014, this was one of our favourite days.

The Great Barrier Reef

Wow. What an incredible day.
We were taken on a hydrofoil to the outer Barrier Reef (about an hour and a half).
Once there, there was an underwater observatory to see the fish, we rode on a semi-submersible to explore some of the coral reef (and saw turtles, giant clams and all sorts of fish) and Rob got to snorkel in the reef, swimming with the fish.
We also got to see the fish being fed.
All in all, a magical day.

The trip to the Barrier Reef

Views from the semi-submersible

Rob snorkelling

The colours of the corals and the different fish were fantastic. I swam right out to a bit of the reef in shallow water which meant the fish were really close…it was way better than seeing them at SeaWorld.


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