Australia trip – one year ago today: Friday 21st November

Reliving our trip to Australia one year ago…


We both slept very badly last night – the air conditioning wasn’t working properly and the room was really hot (we had complained when we arrived, bit they had no spare rooms to move us to, but lent us fans). This meant we had a bit of a late start today.
We wandered down to Circular Quay, the second busiest quay in the world (in terms of frequency of departures) after Hong Kong. We found somewhere for a late breakfast and then boarded a three-hour cruise around Sydney Harbour, which is huge. It took in places like Manly, Watsons Bay and the relatively narrow opening from the ocean into the harbour. Given it was sunny and the temperature was around 34 degrees, we were glad of the breeze!
It’s just possible that I took around a hundred pictures of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House…
After this, we wandered round to the magnificent Opera House and on into the Botanic Gardens, which are lovely.
We retired to the hotel (and got a new, cooler room) for a while before heading out to Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay this evening for dinner and another wander. There’s a real buzz about this area (and the CBD- Central Business District), which we both enjoyed.

Sydney Harbour Cruise

Evening walk (Darling Harbour and Central Business District)


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