Australia trip – one year ago today: Sunday 23rd November

One year ago today we were in Australia as part of a month’s holiday.

Sydney to Canberra

Rob has a work meeting in Canberra on Monday, so we decided we’d fly over together today and have a little look round, with me having time to explore further tomorrow.
Our flight was late morning, but the joys of transfers/check in meant that we left Sydney centre pretty early. The flight was a smallish plane (2 seats each side of the aisle) and had propellers!

The heat wave has followed us, so it hovered around 36/37 today and even at 9.00 is still around 30 degrees.
We hired a car, checked in and then decided to hear out to navigate the ‘city in a park’ which is Canberra. We grabbed a quick lunch at Questacon (apparently the national science and technology centre). We were going to go in, but it seemed more kiddy-centre and we’d spotted that there was a cruise an hour later on the massive (artificial) Lake Burley Griffin which runs through the centre. We popped across the road (in the sweltering heat) instead to the National Library of Australia and saw their Treasures Gallery.
We drove to the lake and waited for the boat to come in, only to find that the next cruise was cancelled. Getting a bit fed up as Canberra doesn’t seem (to us) to have many redeeming features, we decided to get out of the heat by popping into the Canberra Centre (a shopping mall…). We noticed that it had a cinema and joined what seemed like half of the city there. We opted to see Pride, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was an element of recent history I was completely unaware of, plus it was incredibly heartwarming and enjoyable. After tea, we decided to view the Captain James Cook Memorial Jet which shoots water from the lake over 100 foot into the air. It wasn’t on. Apparently, it only functions between 2 and 4… We sat by the lake for a while as twilight drew in, which was pleasant.
We’ve also noticed that the city, which seems to run almost exclusively on car journeys charges for parking everywhere.
I wouldn’t say the place has made the best impression on us. Maybe it can redeem itself tomorrow.

Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra at twilight


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