Australia trip – one year ago today: Tuesday 25th November

Another fantastic day in Australia one year ago today…

Blue Mountains

An early start today, but it was definitely worth it. We were picked up at eight to head out to the Blue Mountains.
After an hour or so’s drive and a comfort break by the Nepean River, we began to ascend the mountains along the Great Western Way. It took nearly another hour to reach the first of our lookout points at Lincoln Rock, which was marvellous.
A short drive later and we climbed down 240 steps to another lookout over the Wentworth Falls.
By this time, we were in need of lunch and were bundled into the fairly pretty town of Leura and found a nice cafe.
Our guide was a little regimented, so 50 minutes later we were herded into the minibus again to travel to Katoomba, and more specifically Scenic World.
We first rode the Scenic Skyway across the canton, before entering the complex and descending to the rainforest via the Scenic Cableway. We had a wander along the boardwalk on the first floor before returning via the Scenic Railway (you may spot a trend in the names here…).
The railway is the steepest in the world at 52 degrees – it was originally built for taking miners to the coal mines below. It’s certainly a thrilling ride.
The bus took us back off the mountains pass the Olympic Park, where we boarded a ferry to take us in a cruise back along the Paramatta river into Sydney.
We hopped off in Darling Harbour as there was an Indian restaurant we had been planning to go to (a good range of vegetarian options for me!), before coming back to the hotel.
A very enjoyable day!

Views of the Blue Mountains (and us, of course)

Views from the Scenic Skyway (including through glass floor) and Scenic Cableway

Walk along the rainforest floor, an entrance to the old coal mine and The Three Sisters (a famous Blue Mountains outcrop, about which there is an Aborigine Dreamtime story)

Views from the river cruise

Some additional photos which Rob took


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